Take Off with #DefinitelyPTE and Important Points for Foreign Travel

We all deserved to be happy and climb up the ladder in life. It is natural feeling for everyone to experience natural comforts and live a life with fewer problems and more about enjoying it every second. There is point in one life when that person makes his big decision to choose his life path and follow his goal. It is the time mostly when we are end the school education and find the right course and take action for it.

Once you have decided for foreign study then you should first think of browsing the college website and go through their prospectus and study about course and even ask them your doubts. Then you should follow their admission process and apply accordingly. One of the steps also involves giving the English test as check of your English proficiency. Various entrance tests like GMAT,GRE and IELTS are available and can be taken but you can also prefer to go with Pearson India test PTE.

#DefinitelyPTE should be opted out as English Test option.Now why it should be taken?

1.Fair and Secured
2.Easy and Accepted for Foreign Education,Migration,Visa for Job Applicants
3.Accepted by world wide university and scored can be sent to many universities.
4.Easy to schedule and Get result within week time
5.Scoring pattern involve different category of English test checking speaking,understanding,reading and listening.
6.Computer and latest technology for checking your exam.
7.You can schedule test over so many center in India and other countries.
8.You can send scores to Yale,Harvard,London School of Economics,Manchester university and other first class colleges.

PTE Preparation Course in multiple packages are available for getting command over english subject and before PTE. This is also secondary reason for #DefinitelyPTE as English test option.

Now suppose you have cleared everything but before you pack bags, Some of the problems which you could face after landing to the foreign destination are-

Immigration and Security

We all feel that process is over once we have cleared the visa process and landed at destination airport but there is more to it. Once you land then you have to again go through immigration and security which  will again involve questions regarding your purpose of visit.

Jet Lag

You could also feel problem getting tired and feeling sleepy as you have different day and night timings of the destination and origin country.

Home Sickness

You should be prepared to be independent and mentally strong leaving emotions to rest. Do not be too much emotional and sensitive unless it is really serious issue. You have come to this place for some purpose and so try to stay calm and strong.

Different traditions and culture

You will see different set of culture practices than your home country so accept it and do not try to be against it or raise the protest.

Language Issue

English is common language as we travel around the world but you will see that people like to speak their local language and so you could face that issue.

End Tip- Do everything with right motive and take every step in right direction.



Cashify Your Electronic Gadgets

One thing which is always there for you after your family which holds your hands and always there to give you guidance and be soul saver are your gadgets and one of them which has become more important than anything else is your smart phone. There are no words to describe the feeling when you have your phone in hand and you feel more secured and confident. Once you forget to leave the phone at home and you start to get all sorts of trouble from missing important phone calls to forgetting your family member’s birthday dates. This is one such example and adds many more functions to it which are really helpful to us. A small device which can do things with unlimited possibilities but still it is a machine. I have changed my mobiles so many times in last five years and still this trend continues. There were days when we used to buy things once in lifetime and keep it with us till a decade and so. Now gadgets have to be changed regularly due to advanced functions incorporated every day and gadgets becoming more small, sleek and smarter these days.

I used to keep two different smart phones as one for personal use and other for my official business purpose. It was too much hassle carrying different phone and keeping two chargers and then trying to manage both of them at same time. It was getting worse then one of my friends suggested to buy a dual sim smart phone for this purpose. I decided to sell off my personal phone and give up office phone to get this new phone. I thought it was simple process but I found it really hard to sell my device. One of major problem when selling the gadgets is technical education. These days buyers are very smart and they want to know the configuration and everything about the phone as if the seller is the computer engineer. I believe selling car or home is much easier than selling your technical products. I tried to talk to two other buyers who were interested and lived in my neighbourhood but they had high expectations from phone like installing high graphic games and watching films etc which was not possible in present phone. I was not keen to sell my phone to stranger due to personal reasons and account of other person identity who could use phone for anti social cause or something which can put me in problem.

I could not find the right person who could buy the phone and instead decided to keep the phone in office. One day my office peon who had problem in his device came to me for asking me advice about repairing his simple cell phone. I had chat with him about his phone which had broken keypad and screen. I told him to buy a new one as this is beyond repair state and would cost him more than his budget. I could see that he had little disappointed and would not be able to buy a new one and so I took the impulse decision to give him by old phone for exchange of money. I know he would not be able to pay the entire amount so decided to ask him to pay me on monthly basis and give the money in six months. He was really happy and decided to take the phone. I am glad that he got the new phone and paid me within four months.

Trust is one thing which money cannot buy and so we should deal with someone who is genuine and it is something very difficult in finding the right person.But Cashify has made things simple with their website (https://www.cashify.in/ and app to dispose the gadget for cash as they say #CleanUpCashOut.


You can read here more about the Cashify here.


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Key ways to Healthy Heart

Technology has many good points but it has some negative too.Everything has become digital and people rely more on technology and there is less physical work or activity.The result is young people are getting obese and prone to many life threatening diseases.Our heart and body movement are very less and this causes the main problem of disease in the body.We must be active and walk  daily.We must intake fresh air and not sit for hours in air conditioned rooms and eat food prepared in microwave and depend on medicines and supplements for keeping us fit and healthy. We should come out in open and intake fresh air and drink a lot of water.We should move our body parts after regular interval of time and do not sit at one place for many hours.Next would be to work out daily in the morning for an hour or so.Light exercises and jogging will make your health good and you will not suffer from many diseases.

Heart is under our body control and control is possible with good food.The one stop solution is having balanced diet.A regular diet should include all the necessary proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium.Our food should be healthy and contain important nutrients which keep our body in perfect shape.One should also add honey which is known as natural sugar and can be used as substitute of sugar and help in weight loss and digestion issues.This is very good for health and heart.You should include fruits, vegetables, nuts and other food which are not much spicy. Milk should be taken regularly as it is termed as a complete food.Lemon juice has certain natural ingredients and has antioxidant properties which help you to maintain good blood circulation to the heart and body veins.You can also get a diet chart prepared by a dietician which would cover all the essential food required by your body and based on your current fitness.This can be followed on regular bases and changes can be made if needed after consulting the dietician.

Last but not the least would be to limit our drinking habits and binge drinking.It can lead to loss of body control and heart pulse.We have seen that  tobacco and smoking material have causes cancer and heart failure.It is kind of addiction which is good for nothing and has made our body useless if taken in heavy doze.We must spread awareness about it and do stop everyone from consuming it if possible.Health is wealth and this tobacco material is against the body and it will cause problem to you and your family after.

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Little Steps to Heart

A healthy person is the wealthy person. And a wealthy person is a happy person. So if you want to live a happy life you have to live a healthy life first and that is possible with a healthy heart.I know it could be difficult if there are sometimes personal issues related to our family or at times facing the office issues related to completing the target and this all involves lot of mental stress and other problems.But all this is part and parcel of our life.It is important that they keep on smiling like this and do crazy things because it helps to keep the home atmosphere light and happy.This will be seen in your health and makes your heart warm and good.

The home environment is directly linked to our health.I want that every individual should take care of it and provide a healthy environment with good culture and habbits so to be mentally strong and physically fit.Our planet is beautiful place to live but environment pollution has also increased. Adulteration is a common problem which has affected the food quality and lowered the health standards.This has cause rise in number of heart and other diseases among the young ones too.Preventive medicine should be taken by all so that to be more strong and keeping your heart without any risk.You might want to intake ayurvedic tabs made from herbal plants and homemade remedies having amla, honey and tulsi paste.They are beneficial and keeps all the disease at bay.We also see people consume a lot of packed food, fried food and also the instant food like noodles are unaware of the fact that they are consuming empty calories. Empty calories just fill our tummy but they don’t have any nutritional values, they just contain a lot of fats and oils.This can elevate heart disease risk and make it weaker.My plan for you would be stop these junk food items and buy some fresh fruits and eat them which are good for health.

Heart can be pumping less blood and might some time beats faster or slower than normal in case you do not have right sleep pattern or indulge in over drinking of alcohol.You must keep the level to minimum and try to find an alternative drink which makes the same taste and do not harm your health at all.You should also sit and make daily routine and follow the right pattern in order to improve your lifestyle.Many ways of recreation and exercise are there which improve blood flow and help in improving your fitness and ultimate heart.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Sports Advice

I love sports and have always respect athletes for the work they do and have will to fight against them. They work to represent the country and I had a similar dream to when I was in my school. It was my friend who took me close to my dream. He knew about my dream and one day took me to his sports academy.

He introduced me to his head coach who gave me advice to join swimming as my body was very much aerodynamic and suitable for this game. I had never thought about it and had little knowledge of these sports. I always though swimming was more of a recreation and leisure activity. It was for fun and enjoyment. He then took me to swimming stadium one day and introduced to me my new coach who was teaching swimming to kids and professional people for many years. I am inspired me to do something really big in life. His first impression was that I could be good swimmer if I am dedicated to it and enjoy these sports. I had less interest but soon found it great exercise and fun when I took swimming seriously and started to work on the right technique. My coach advised me to come in both timings morning and evening in order to practice it more and more. I was able to built stamina and work on my technique only after few months. Soon came the day when the selection committee came to the indoor swimming stadium and told me to participate in the swimming race. I thought that it was easy but my dreams were shattered when I came fourth in the race and lost to my opponent from another school. I was really disappointed but my coach instead was happy with my performance and motivated me to give my best and stay more confident. He even told me my mistakes and would work more with me and gave me individual attention. Soon my hard work paid off and my timing improved and I was able t to increase my width. This time my dream and target was set and I wanted to represent my school in swimming race and win a medal for school in inter-school competition and then get selected for state level championship. I was given different diet and I took off from my other work schedule and was only focused on this task. My efforts really paid when I won a silver medal and got shortlisted for interstate championship. This was great moment and all this was possible with my swimmer coach and his working on me. I continued my journey but took it more as a hobby during later part of my life and still love to swim whenever I get time.

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Army in my Mind

Ever since my childhood I always dream of serving my nation by becoming a soldier and contribute towards my country’s safety and I got this inspiration by watching a common show on television during my childhood named as “Param Veer Chakra”. The show illustrated the devotion and responsibility a soldier should have to deliver his high performance during his job and also showed how one can be on top and ahead of his enemies. Well the show was just the starting point of my journey but the distance to achieve my aim was huge and to help me achieve my dream were my parents and teachers.

My parents always supported my idea of becoming a soldier hence they told me that a soldier should be both mentally and physically fit hence they asked me participate in various sports at school and also asked me to join gym so that I develop both stamina and endurance which is needed for a soldier to survive in tough conditions. They also enrolled me both judo classes where I can know about self-defence techniques. I took these task seriously and over the period of time I gained various judo belts and ultimately got the black belt. My parents also ensured that I got proper balanced diet hence I was always asked to focus on fruits and vegetables and avoid cakes, chocolates   and junk food.

My parents further sent me to army school where I learned about the rules and regulations and also met few teachers who helped by providing me physical training and also guided and prepared me for National Defence Academy program and with years of hard work, I finally got admission in National Defence Academy and I still remember that day when I just can’t believe that my name was listed for National Defence Academy program and the letter from Indian Army which invited me to join one of the best armies of the world. Soon the training started and I gave hundred percent of myself in that training where I learned rock climbing, horse riding, para gliding etc. and learned various weapons like light weight machine gun, hand grenade etc.

The training also taught me about conflict management, people management and crisis management hence prepared me mentally as well on how to handle situation within war zone and also within internal civilian conflict zone. Finally, the day came when I completed the training and got part of Indian Army.I is proud to be an Indian.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


Pay Taxes Secure Future

Income tax returns is kind of written documented proof which testify that you have paid tax on your earning income and have obliged your duty to pay tax as a responsible person of the community. People who do not pay their taxes are more towards hiding any facts about their extra income from other sources and want to have black money with them. This can harm the society and not a good practice at all. Our government has already made a bold statement to curb such practices and also have interest to bring back all the black money to India deposited in foreign countries.

Income tax paid by you goes towards welfare of the society and nation. All the money is used by government and budget is made and allocated for various strategic tasks. Some of them include diversion of funds for our military forces where we have air, naval and ground wing. Then revenue is divested towards big projects like metro rail or bullet train etc. Our government make subsidy schemes and implement new technological projects for upgrading our cities and towns. Income tax benefits are vectored for everyone and filing returns help you to get your loan sectioned from bank or government body. IT filing is beneficial also when you want to migrate to foreign land and pursue better opportunities. It is must have document for filling the visa application. IT filing can help you in getting tax refund to your bank account if you paid excess tax.

If you still have not paid your income tax and want to start from now then please be aware that July 31 is the last date for filing your returns. In case you cannot file through papers then exiling is best approach for you as it will help you file it very easily and without wasting your precious time. I would recommend using internet as a tool to pay it is much safer and has password security features too.

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